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The Wiselink Philosophy

Wiselink logoWe aim to enable others to acquire Knowledge and develop Wisdom to make Smart Decisions.

Our logo concept derives from a Chinese Tangram. The Tangram is an ancient intriguing moving piece puzzle consisting of seven geometrical shapes. The seven pieces can be built from a magic square into thousands of different figures and vice versa. It is a fun learning tool to train people think and develop wisdom.

The Tangram-like square represents various Wiselink training programs that can help organisations and individuals develop capabilities to face difficulties or challenges. It comprises of knowledge, skills and real life experience in key areas like Awareness, Communication, Management, Coaching, Teamwork and Customer Service. The triangle in the center is the core component that symbolizes Wiselink’s passion and growth in people learning and development.

In our logo, the circle refers to the sparkling and inspiring ideas. The square (that represents rigidity) and the circle (that represents harmony) balance each other.

知= 智= Wisdom
The Chinese character ‘矢’ means goal-oriented and never give-up.

The modern yet simple form of Chinese character ‘智’ represents knowledge and learning that associated with the concept of wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to make decision in an efficient and wise manner. It is a flash of awareness and smart idea that one can be benefited for life long.

Enabling others to equip with knowledge and wisdom to make smart decision in work and life will be the cornerstone for the development culture of Wiselink.

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