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Wise Corner

  • What is KM

    What is KM? I had this question when I first encountered the postgraduate program offerred by PolyU called Master of Science in Knowledge Management (MScKM).   I have studied from kindergarden to university and have acquired substantial work experience after graduated from university.  What can I do to manage my knowledge?  How can I make the…

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  • Self Awareness

    Who am I? What do I want? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Do you know what you want for your study? Do you know what you want for your career? Do you know what you want for your love one? Do you know what you want when making decisions in life? If you…

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  • Training is Useless

    At a BNI business networking session, I met the manager of a Travel Agency.  We exchanged name cards and started to chat… “Ah, you are from the training industry.  I have provided many training programs for my staff. In my perception, Training is Useless.” She said. “Why do you think so?” I asked.   “I…

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