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  • Ms Maria Leung

    Ms. Maria Leung, our Founder and Wise Coach, is a specialist in people development. She acquired about 18 years’ experience in training and development. The companies she has served for include the theme park, leading telecommunications company, multinational multi-disciplined commercial organization, various business corporations and government offices. She has also overseas working experience in China…

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  • Ms. Susan Leung

    Written communication on-the-job is essential for success. Susan is an expert in helping you write well: clearly, forcefully and persuasively to achieve results. This can be done in small groups, one-on-one or online.

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  • Dr. Alan Stewart

    In an increasingly competitive and turbulent world it is the skill with people which determines who moves ahead more so than technical ability. Dr. Alan Stewart, PhD, is a Facilitator and Communications Coach.  He enables people in organizations, large and small, to engage in constructive conversations about things that matter.

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  • Dr. Chuck Appleby

    Dr. Appleby is an organization development consultant with over 30 years of management, consulting, and coaching experience in government, industry, and non-profits.  He provides clients with assistance in strategy development, organizational assessment, work system design and change management.

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