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Be Innovative in Talent Acquisition and Development

As I read the news on how different countries responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, Audrey Tang has drawn my attention.   Her story is indeed legendary.

According to the web information, Tang is a free software programmer.  She has been described as one of the “ten great Taiwanese computing personalities.  Tang has an IQ of 180 and acquired her knowledge through self-study.  She showed interest in computer in early age and started to learn Perl programming at age 12.  She was unable to adapt to the student life and dropped out of school at age 14.  At age 19 she became an entrepreneur at the Silicon Valley, California.  She earned her first bucket of gold by continuously forming and selling her start-ups.   At age 24 she transitioned from a man to a woman and retired at age 33.  In 2016 at the age 35, she was invited to join the Taiwan Executive Yuan as the Digital Minister.  She became the youngest, first transgender official in Taiwan’s top executive cabinet.

Tang does not belong to any political party.  She said that, “My presence will not be for certain government communities to have easy access to the administration, nor for ‘policy announcement’ on the internet.  Rather, it will be a ‘channel’ for better combination of wisdom and power.”  Her task is to make the government more transparent.  She has made the big data available for all in real time and bridged the gap between the old and young generations through the development of free software and communication platforms.

The Taiwan Government has been “Brave and Innovative” in recruiting Tang as the Digital Minister.  She has no political background, dropped out from high school and without work experience in the Government.  Yet she has been given the opportunity to apply what she knows in digital technology and she has done remarkably well.

With the success story of Audrey Tang, it is inspired that Giving Opportunities to talents who show interest with aligned vision and willing to contribute, regardless of their qualification and experience, will be the innovative strategy in talent acquisition and development.

Written by Maria Leung

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